Node Setup

Super Easy To Run a Node

You can either run a node:

  • Via deploy to a host in the cloud

  • On any machine with Docker installed

One Liner Deploy Script To The Cloud


  • A Mac or Linux shell environment

  • curl with ssl support

Digital Ocean

Prerequisites: Follow these instructions to signup for a Digital Ocean account. You need a Digital Ocean API token. You may export your token as the env var DIGITALOCEAN_ACCESS_TOKEN or simply provide it when script asks for it.

One Liner Install For Digital Ocean

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Each run of this script will generate a Droplet on Digital Ocean running a Dafecs node. You will receive an email to the address used in your Digital Ocean registration with login credentials. The Dafecsnode runs as a docker image.

Running using Docker Compose

Step 1: Download the docker-compose.yml file to your machine that has Docker installed.

Step 2: Start the node

You can also start the node as a detached background service:

To view the logs you then use the docker logs command:

docker logs dafecs-node -f

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