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Dafecs is blockchain and IoT leveraged BaaS platform that streamlines all wholesale, retail and inspection-related processes in a private Blockchain network, where successions of smart contracts are executed to communicate key-data to key-stakeholders quickly and accurately, allowing the entire ecosystem to exchange documents and transact with much confidence while ensuring full compliance to regulations

It is our firm belief that technologies are meant to solve real world problems, and cannot be developed in isolation. The applications we build, will build, and will enable our community to build, will (and do) have concrete functionality implications to how the public ledger infrastructural layer is designed and implemented. To this end, the application and the ledger need to be tightly coupled to create the most optimized outcomes.

This is why we created Dafecs, a purpose-built public ledger to enable us to specifically solve challenges caused by friction in business coordination & decision-making processes.

If you're curious about our technology, check out the Architecture section of our whitepaper.

If you wish to run a node, check out how you can join our testnet.

Our first application is live! Check out First-App.

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